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By far the most expensive remodel you can do. Most people who put out the big
bucks for this type of remodel are growing families who like the neighborhood,
their kids are in school and they need more room. Nationally the return on a
two story addition is about 62%. Remember, a project this big and complex needs
extra attention to detail. You don't want it to look like one building stacked
on top of another, it must appear seamless. Always insulate between floors to
reduce noise and save energy. Duplicate the materials from the original house
in your addition.


When comes to windows, most don't think much about windows until they break or
ware out. When heat and air conditioning start gushing out of them, they
suddenly become important. Removing and replacing the old windows is a
relatively inexpensive home improvement. Nationally window replacement returns
56%. Return in some markets can be far higher because of regional preferences.
Install a product consistent with the house and the neighborhood. Avoid future
service problems by replacing rotten sills or casings even if it adds costs to
the job. Adequate or more than adequate insulation guarantees the efficiency of
the windows.



Decks extend the house outdoors, providing a comfortable place off the den,
kitchen, or family room to relax and entertain. A deck can be a little icing on
the cake for some buyers who are on the fence. Nationally a deck returns 54% at
resale. Decks get more use in warm climates, but they're popular everywhere,
and the value returned at resale varies slightly from region to region. Locate
piers on solid ground, not fill. Don't make them too cozy and make sure you're
adequately bolting the deck to the house.


Home offices appeal to self employed business owners, but they're still not for
everybody. This remodel ranks lowest of all remodels in terms of return on
investment. Nationally a home office returns 50%. That figure jumps to 65% in
the East and far higher in metropolitan markets such as San Francisco and
suburban New York, where work at homers are abundant and space is at a premium.
If you plan to add a home office, allow enough room for computers and
peripherals. Home offices now come equipped with scanners, digital cameras and
everything you could imagine. Plan on separate circuits for different types of
equipment and install dedicated lines where needed.

* Topics written by Rick Skarbo of First Team Real Estate 

- Less Is Better -

DO - Dispose of clutter and be sure that rooms are not overcrowded. Put furniture in storage, if necessary, and keep in mind the way a model home is furnished. 

DO - Eliminate piles of newspapers, magazines and bric-a-brac.  Remember, people can be influenced easily and the more personalized your home  appears, the more difficult it may be for others to visualize themselves  occupying the same space. Therefore, it is sometimes worth considering  removing any abundance of ethnic or religious art, family photos, and overly dramatic artifacts.

-Appeal To The Senses -

DO - Appeal to the senses - sight, sound and smell.

DON'T - Cooking odors can be as offensive as they can be attractive. Smells of Cigarettes or Animals can be a turn-off. Also musty odor, mold & moth balls are almost certain to stop a would be sale.

- Help Set The Mood -

DO - Keep soft music on

DO -Turn on the lights, even in the daytime

DO- If you have a fireplace, make a small fire. This gives the home a cozy feeling. If its summer, put on the Air Conditioning.

DON'T- Avoid ball games, news reports and blasting television programs.

DO- Let the real estate agent do the talking.

DO - Keep children in the yard or outside when possible and keep barking dogs away when possible. We are trying to create a great first impression Remember that today's buyer generally wants... ...A home that is light, bright and airy ... Privacy, good space and a flowing floor plan.

Call us to discuss how we can help stage your home for sale.

The advance planning will surely pay off.

Showcase your home during showings by turning on ALL the lights.

Too much clutter turns off potential buyers.

Clean with a touch of color is very attractive to buyers



A sentiment on the wall of a friend's kitchen sums up the importance of this
part of the house to the typical consumer: "No matter where I serve my
guests, it seems they like my kitchen best." Whether you are building or
remodeling, it seems there is no better place to spend money than in the
kitchen. Since the dip in 2007, the market has been recovering as interest
rates remain low. But as interest rates start to climb and the housing market
starts to slow down, many sellers are looking at home improvements in order to
give their property an edge on the competition. When buyers find the area they
want, the curbside appeal of your home may get them inside, but buyers will be
looking for functionality, durability and convenience. That's the reason it's
going to be so important to modernize. Return on investment will depend on the
house, the neighborhood and region. It's still location, location, location.


From the standpoint of cost vs value, the kitchen facelift is one of the best
improvements you can do. Minor kitchen remodels return more value than any
other project. Nationally, kitchen construction costs return 81%. Some areas
may bring a way above average return. Forget about adding extra amenities as
trash compactors and fancy hot water dispensers. Choose appliances and fixtures
consistent with the square foot value of the house. Keep costs down by staying
with the original composition of the existing kitchen. Don't design spaces that
require bending over or reaching down. Make sure the kitchen isn't beyond the
quality of the rest of the house.


An extra bathroom can be very appealing to prospective buyers. If you're adding
a second bathroom it can be a major selling point. Bathroom additions rate
second in value returned at resale. Nationally sellers recoup 72% of their
investment. Don't add a bathroom off the living room. Bathroom additions should
be immediately accessible. Select a tile with traction and avoid high end


If your bathrooms are getting old and have been caulked and re-caulked and the
tub and toilet are getting to look old-fashioned, get rid of them and start
over. A client could love everything about the house until they see the
bathrooms. Bathroom remodels rank third in the standpoint of return on
investment. Nationally a bathroom remodel will return 71% of the cost. Replace
tubs with showers. Given the relatively small area, it's important to keep
colors simple and tasteful.


Family room additions are tied with bathroom remodels as the third most
valuable home improvement at resale. Nationally, the cost of adding a family
room can return 71% of the cost. The family room should be accessible from
several directions ideally. Adapt the addition as to enhance not interrupt
traffic flow.


 Key Ways To Prepare Your Home For Marketing.

Maximize the return on your investment.

Plan & Prepare to market your home.

- Two Decision Factors -

 Factor 1 - Statistics show that 30 percent of the buying decisions is made from the
neighborhood, street location and a straight-on view of the outside.

Factor 2 - Equally important are the first three steps through the front door. From these inside and outside first impressions, 60 percent of the decision whether to purchase or not will be made. As you concentrate your efforts and allocate your spending,  keep this idea in mind.